SoCal Medical Billing Solutions
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Electronic Claims Processing
Electronic claims are submitted to over 2500 payers and commercial insurance companies. Claim processing reports with status updates of claims are reported to our client. Our software automatically transfers the coordination of benefits (COB) information from primary to secondary insurance claims.
Claims Management
We have a robust computer system that automatically posts and tracks information about rejections and denials so that we can efficiently resolve it in a timely manner.
Collections Management
We track insurance claims through the entire submission and reimbursement cycle. We will track co-pay and deductibles, post patient co-pays, bill for missed co-pays, review and collect on unpaid claims and patient accounts so you can maximize your cash flow.
Eligibility Verification
Our service includes an integrated insurance verification and eligibility process.
Management Reporting
We offer reports that are practice specific and we can create custom reports by request.